Sustainability Governance Structure

The Board of Directors set up a sustainability taskforce in 2018, which was the first case among peers;

In Nov 2020, a board-level sustainability committee established, becoming the first batch among industry to establish such ESG committees. The member departments will help and advice to the management during decision-making and execution, to achieve the company's goal of becoming a sustainable development enterprise.

Board of Directors

Setting out the terms of reference for the sustainability committee (including member authority, scope of work and resources), and taking charge of the development direction, overall strategies and policies of the Group going forward


Establish and supervise policies and measures related to sustainable development issues, and regularly reports the progress and effectiveness of sustainable development work to the board of directors;

Review the company's sustainable development strategy and provide suggestions on the strategy, including approving the goals or key measures recommended by each working group, to ensure that the company's operations and routines are consistent with the sustainable development strategy;

Review any major risks, opportunities or investments related to the implementation of sustainable development strategies, and approve any major issues arising from the review

Sustainability Taskforce
President’s Office & Design Management Center

The two departments jointly work and report on environmental management, with the President’s Office in charge of managing and reporting on business ethics

Human Resources Center

Responsible for recruitment, training and development, occupational safety and health management, and the reporting thereof

Cost Management Center
Management committee for tender-based procurement

The two departments jointly work and report on supply chain management

Operation Management Center
Sales Management Center

The two departments jointly work and report on product liability and customer relations management

Corporate Finance and Investor Relation Department

Responsible for listening to the opinions of the capital market on ESG and sustainable development, and promoting internal execution

Department of Branding Management

Responsible for community investment management and the reporting thereof