IR Policy and Contact

Corporate transparency and timely disclosure of information to shareholders is of key importance to Yuzhou. As a listed company (01628.HK) on the main board of HKEx, Yuzhou endeavors to maintain a high standard of corporate governance and transparency through proactive communication with the investment community to facilitate the understanding of our business strategies and growth potentials.

To this end, our Corporate Finance & IR team has established a series of structured communication channels which are aimed at providing shareholders, investors and analysts with a regular and reliable flow of information. In addition, we organizes regular and timely interaction sessions with the investment community, including conference calls, management meetings, site visits and presentations at conferences, road shows and seminars.

We believe good and open relationship with the media, analysts and investors can often contribute to a well-informed market and enhance information transparency. Meanwhile, selective disclosure of Inside Information before such information is publicly released must be avoided.

As a general principle, Yuzhou only explains information already in the public domain or discuss in general the markets in which the Company operates, and shall avoid giving answers which individually or cumulatively may provide unpublished or potential Inside Information to the receiving party.

Yuzhou’s comments on analysts’ reports shall be limited to:
(a) General information that has been disclosed publicly; and
(b) Correction to factual errors or assumptions with reference to publicly available information.

According to the Hong Kong Listing Rule, the blackout periods for half-year and other interim periods are 30 days. While the blackout period applicable to the publication of a listed issuer’s annual financial results is 60 days. Therefore, Yuzhou does not conduct interviews or briefings to comment or predict the financial performance of the Company during blackout periods.

Investor and Media Enquiries:

Hong Kong
(852) 2508 1718
(852) 2510 0265
Units 5801-02, 58/F, The Center, 99 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong