Shareholder Communication Policy

The Company ensures shareholders (both individual and institutional) and investment community are provided with ready, equal and timely access to balanced and understandable information about the Company (including its financial performance and development plans) in order to enable shareholders to exercise their rights in an informed manner, and to allow shareholders and the investment community to engage actively with the Company.

Yuzhou establishes different means of communication with shareholders and investment community:

1. Financial reporting and announcement

To keep shareholders informed of the performance of the Company, Yuzhou’s financial results are announced as early as possible, and audited financial statements are published within three months after the end of the financial year. Interim financial statements are published within two months after the end of the half-year period.

Announcements of the Company’s half-yearly and annual performance are issued on both the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and uploaded on Yuzhou investor relations website.

2. Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter is uploaded to Yuzhou investor relations website. We provide Monthly Newsletter in plain language and in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and English to facilitate shareholders’ understanding. Shareholders can know about the Company’s sales performance, latest development, award achievement and IR activity calendar through it

Shareholders are encouraged to register their email on Yuzhou IR website in order to receive e-copy of Monthly Newsletter.

3. Corporate website and IR website

A dedicated Investor Relations section is available on the Yuzhou corporate website ( Information on the corporate website and IR website are updated on a regular basis.

Information released by the Company to Hong Kong Stock Exchange is also posted on the IR website immediately thereafter. Such information includes financial statements, results announcements, circulars and notices of general meetings and associated explanatory documents etc.

All presentation materials of interim and annual results announcement, all corporate presentations and latest result announcement webcast will be made available on the IR website as soon as practicable after their release.

All press releases will be made available on the IR website.

4. Investor Relations Wechat Channel

Yuzhou WeChat Channel provide audiences with latest updates on industry and our corporate.

Shareholders and investors are welcome to subscribe our WeChat Channel through below QR code.

5. Investment Market Communications

Analyst briefings are conducted regularly. A briefing on Yuzhou’s performance and results is normally organised for analysts in the afternoon on the same day afternoon or one day after the results have been announced. The archived webcast of recent analyst briefings and presentation materials can be found on the IR website.

Non Deal Roadshows (both domestic and international), media interviews, marketing activities for investors and specialist industry forums etc will be available on a regular basis in order to facilitate communication between the Company and the investment community.

6. Annual General Meeting

Yuzhou holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year and encourages shareholders’ participation, where information about the Company, including its latest strategic plan, products and services etc will be communicated. Shareholders can appoint proxies to attend and vote at meetings for and on their behalf if they are unable to attend the meetings.

A separate resolution is proposed by the chairman of the General Meeting for each substantially separate issue, and in particular on the Financial Statements and election or re-election of Directors.

Board members, in particular, either the chairmen or deputy chairmen of Board committees or their delegates, appropriate management executives and external auditors will attend annual general meetings to answer Shareholders’ questions.

Management ensures the external auditor attends the AGM to answer questions, if any, about the conduct of the audit, the preparation and content of the auditor’s report, the accounting policies and auditor independence.

Shareholder hotline and email contact

Any Shareholders who have questions or comments on what we are doing on his, her or their behalf, are most welcome to contact us at any time. Our contact details are:

Address: Units 5801-02, 58/F, The Center, 99 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong
Telephone: (852) 2508 1718
Facsimile: (852) 2510 0265
Corporate Finance and Investor Relations email address: