Corporate Governance Overview

Upholding the core values of its brand—“prudent development and value creation”, Yuzhou is devoted to adding more value for China’s urban development.

From creating value for human life, to participate actively in the sustainable new urbanization development, Yuzhou persists in enhancing its own core competencies and competitive advantage as well as making steady investment value returns for capital market investors. The company also promotes a win-win value based approach for those in the industry and provides more opportunities for its talents to achieve their potential while giving back to society as well as making the future.

In realizing the abovementioned values, Yuzhou formulates strategic planning for sustainable development while improving corporate strategic management capabilities as it aims to be the representative company in “creating prudent value” for China’s real estate industry.

These Corporate Values guide us in making decisions and conducting business, as well as provide the foundation for our approach to sound corporate governance.

The Board of Directors and the management of the Company are committed to the maintenance of good corporate governance practices and procedures. The Company believes that good corporate governance provides a framework that is essential for effective management, a healthy corporate culture, successful business growth and enhancing shareholders’ value. The corporate governance principles of the Company emphasize a quality Board, sound internal controls, and transparency and accountability to all shareholders.

The Company's persistent efforts in fostering corporate governance have been recognized by the capital market. On 11 November 2013, Yuzhou Group was granted the gold award of “Best Corporate Governance and Investor Relations Award in 2013”by The Asset, an Asian financial professional media magazine.

The Company needs the continued support and cooperation from shareholders to achieve effective governance processes. Therefore, we encourage shareholders to voice out their opinions on corporate governance issue.

Management Structure Chart